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EuPRAXIA-DN school on plasma accelerators - Register now!

Several tens of thousands of particle accelerators are in use today with varied applications in research, industry, medicine and other fields. Yet accelerator usage could be much more widespread, were it not limited by cost and size constraints, especially in hospitals, universities, and small and medium size companies. This would enable ground-breaking applications and innovations on a much larger scale.

The school will be held at the Botanical Garden of Rome, Italy.

A possible solution to this bottleneck is the development of more compact – and consequently more cost-efficient – accelerator technologies, a strategy that has been investigated in the past two decades bringing forth plasma accelerators as one of its most promising candidates.

This interdisciplinary school will bring together all research areas within EuPRAXIA-DN and will be held in the 'Eternal City' Rome in Italy from 22-26 April 2024. Lectures and topical talks will be presented by research leaders from academia and industry.

The school will be organized in partnership with INFN and introduce the basic principles of plasma accelerators, including basic plasma physics, laser- and beam-driven acceleration, plasma injection schemes, plasma and beam diagnostics, particle-in-cell codes, as well as specific high impact projects, including EuPRAXIA and AWAKE.

Tutorial sessions in smaller problem classes will reinforce content and promote discussion. All participants will be given the opportunity to present their own research in a poster session.

Social events, an excursion to INFN-LNF, and a public talk on plasma accelerator science and technology will complement the programme.

Several scholarships for early-stage researchers from outside of the EuPRAXIA Doctoral Network will be available.

For more information and registration please visit:

Registration deadline: 29th February 2024


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